40 Cute Goodmorning Texts /Messages for Her or Him

40 Cute Goodmorning Texts /Messages for Her or Him

We have heard them all before. Cute good morning texts are all the rage among lovers young and old, not to forget family members who want to say they care. The intention is that the one you most adore and care for sees your message when they wake up; nice way of letting them know you are thinking of them.

To keep you from using deplorable Facebook memes, we have ventured into the land of cuteness to bring you some nice morning messages, some naughty ones, some romantic selections, some family-related choices, and some wake-up-it’s-time-to-pay-attention-to-me lines, all in keeping with the CUTE theme.

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 40 Cute Goodmorning Texts /Messages

I know the stars come out only at night, but it is time to open your eyes and greet the day.
 You work so hard everyday that the simplest gesture can mean a lot. Dad/Mom, when you wake up this morning know that I appreciate all that you are doing for me. Now, don’t forget the donuts. 
 Someday you will be sick of me writing all these adorable messages – yes, I know I’m adorable – but until then let me serve you sweet torture and inform you that you are going to be late for work, again. 
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 We’re married, have kids, and have learned so much about each other over the years that we are practically cats sitting on the wall of boredom. But let me tell you that you are as beautiful as the day I met you and as annoying too. Don’t ask me which part? Good morning. 
 Missing you. You have gone several days, we chat when you return from work but this is me greeting you in the morning and letting you know that I am sending you positive energies for success. 
 Digital kisses are so cliched. But to oldies like you who do not know what an iPhone is, I send you kisses and hugs from half a world away and suggest that you buy me an iPhone for my birthday. Good morning, Grandma and Grandpa.
cute-good morning-texts
Cute Good Morning Texts

cute-good morning-texts
Cute Good Morning Texts Messages for Her
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Cute Good Morning Texts Messages for Him
Cute Good Morning Texts Messages for Him

40 Cute Good Morning Texts Messages
40 Cute Good Morning Texts Messages

40 Cute Good Morning Texts Messages
40 Cute Good Morning Texts Messages

You had a rough time yesterday, too many people needed your time. But this morning when you wake up all rested and calm, know that I am here to comfort you and will always be here. Mornin’ to the sweetest person on Earth, from the second sweetest person on Earth. 
 We have had good times and bad. It has been a long time since I sent you messages like these. But I am not going to add another day to that list. So let me say Good Morning to one of the best things that ever happened in my life, you. 
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 Dad/Mom/Bro/Sis, you may think this is over-sentimental of me or abrupt even, but since when did family need an occasion to say I Love You to those they care about? So, good morning, I love you, get out of bed Lazy. 
  I will not give it up for just anyone. But this morning I want you to know that I will try and reduce how many chocolates I eat because you said so; but only after these last few bites. Good morning, I know you’re gonna call and scold me, sweetiepie. 
 We should be going out every day. When I told you that yesterday, you said we do go out every day, namely to work. But I meant just the two of us. Good morning, it’s the weekend, wake up, I have planned something big for us. You’re going to have to follow the clues, which will come in my next message.
 Why go to the moon and back when you have me? Come on over, we have things to do with the family and a date later this evening. You always tell me to inform you about things in advance, so I’m telling you at dawn. Good morning.
 Did this message reach you? Did you get this message? Confirm if you have seen this message? I don’t have a way to know if you are reading this. Okay, now that I have thoroughly frustrated you, I just wrote to say good morning.
 I am terrible at poetry. I will try to write something that rhymes, because I know you love poetry, but I will end up creating something dumb. So I’ll stick to my usual directness and say good night. Wait, it’s morning for you isn’t it? Timezones!
 We had a great time last night, all those riddles made us laugh especially when the others did not get most of them. In keeping with the spirit of yesterday’s camaraderie, here is a riddle for you: ‘I taste sweet and juicy, I smell fruity, I feel rough and wet, and I look like a bumpy ball. What am I?’ I’ll tell you when you wake up. Good mornin’.

You have a long series of travels ahead of you. No, literally. You’re going to have to go to more than ten different cities. Know what will make all that happen without delay or hassle? Waking up on time so you won’t miss the plane. Good morning. Hurry up and get ready.

It’s fun to sleep in the morning, isn’t it? You little rebel, you want to sleep in because you know everyone else is up and that you are doing something ‘unique’ and non-conformist. Silly goose, get up, we have things to do today. Good morning.
 Why do you torture me at this ungodly hour. It is only ten in the morning, it is so early. Let me sleep before I go mad with all this talk of waking up. If you are thinking all these things as you read this message, bear in mind that I have been standing at the door and ringing the bell for an hour. Good morning. May I finally come in?
 According to the Theory of Relativity, there is not enough time in the world to show all your love to someone but place your hand on a fire and you take it out almost instantly. I want to combine the two and tell you, in this instant, how much I love you and good morning.

We desperately need a break. All these cute good-morning texts can get overwhelming; in the good sense. Okay, now that we have found our zen again, let’s continue. This time, we bring you comparatively shorter messages.

I just woke up. Good morning. Need coffee… Need it now… Where did you put the tin?
What are your plans for today? You can only tell me when you wake up, sleepy head. Good morning.
It is common to experience a day that is blue, but hard to go through it without you. Good morning, Mr./Ms. Adorable. 
Happiness should be shared, and the sharing has to start somewhere. Let me share my good morning with you. 
If only I can stop time, we can do all the things we said we’ll do but never found time to do it. Hopefully today we can do at least a few of them.
 When are you coming back? Only a few mornings have come and gone but I already miss you.

Dreams are hard to pursue. You sacrifice more than you gain, you lose more than you win. But each morning when you wake up, you fight all over again to realize those dreams. Good morning.

Life has problems, life is hard, life won’t let up, you’ve gotta be smart. Wake up and try again. Good morning. 
Marriage is about two people facing life’s challenges together. I wish good morning to the most amazing partner a man/woman can ask for. You make my day everyday.
cute good morning text messages

cute good morning text messages

cute good morning text messages

Friends are family unrelated by blood. Not a day goes by when I can imagine waking up without knowing you guys are going to be in it. Good morning. 
We try to succeed. More often than not, we fail. But what matters most is that we have loved ones to help us get back up again. Good morning, and thank you for being there. 
Is love a lie or a different kind of truth? I don’t know, let me ask Love itself but first let me wish her/him a good morning. 
Why be cute when you can be sassy? Why be naughty when you can be nice? Why care only this much for someone when you can care even more? Good morning. 
Usually, when the sun rises it marks the start of a new day. I don’t know what your definition of it is, but its morning, so hey. 
Eating out is boring, going to the movies is cliched, and sleeping till afternoon is downright atrocious. Wake up, you silly adorable cute thing, you. 
I keep sending you good morning messages, and I know you wish me the same. But it’s a whole other feeling when we can see other’s messages and turn to share a kiss. It’s nice to know that we’re silly in a world that’s growing increasingly serious. 
With all these cute goodmorning texts, we bet you will send one everyday.

We hope these messages make someone’s day.
The world is dreary, dark, and dim,
But happiness can be found within,
Messages like these that show you care,
For loved ones in your life with whom you share,
A bond of sweetness, cute and lovable,
So when sour times come, you remain forgivable.

Love is an intimate part of our lives. That who cannot find true love is living the most solitary lives. A girlfriend is that one person whom you can look back at any stage of your lives. Be it in your ups or downs, a true girlfriend will keep all the frowns of the hour at bay. With every rising sun the thought of the busy hectic life when makes the world gloomy, it’s her face that spreads eternal sunshine all around us, and makes us believe in all that is good. 

Good morning messages for girlfriend:

Love can be expressed in a thousand ways but a morning starting with the messages of your loved one is precious. Some nice and loving good morning messages for girlfriend is a wonderful way to cultivate your love for your dear one who loves you and misses you and who form an integral part of your life. Your morning wish may be the one thing she looks forward to the first thing in the morning.

Good morning messages for boyfriend are something a guy looks forward to, to start his day with. Love is an intimate part of our lives. Those who cannot find true love in their lives do not possess all that is good irrespective of all their wealth they might possess. Money and other earthly possessions are too little to be proud of. You cannot live your live only with that. So you need to convey your love to those special people around you from time to time and what is a better time to do it than the first thing in the morning.

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