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Good Morning Prayers for Him
Good Morning Prayers for Him

Short Good Morning Prayers for Him:

1. Lord I thank you for another year that gives me another chance to be a better person. Its a time which gives me an opportunity to correct the things that have gone wrong and to live a life of joy and goodness.

2. Each day of this year I hope that your hand is always with me guiding me on the right path. For that is the only way I will find true happiness and peace.

3. Love is a beautiful feeling and I’m thankful to you Lord for loving me with all your heart. Help me to be a loving child to my parents, a kind husband to my wife, a great example to my children and a loving image of you to strangers and everyone else.

4. With all the love in the world you created me and you know me like no one else ever has or ever will. Please protect me this year from all evil and hold me in your tender arms with love that lasts for a lifetime. I will always thank and bless your holy name.

5. Whatever that is to come in the year ahead, I pray that you glorify yourself through me. May I be your hands to do good works, your mouth to speak words of wisdom and peace, may I be your ears to listen to people who have been pained and a source of blessing to people who desperately need you.

6. The past year had both good and bad experiences and this year I am believing for a better year Lord. I know that you love me very much and you care for me. Thank you for all the great things that you are about to do in my life this year.

7. Help me this year, my God to let go of the things which have been a block on my way to success. Please grant me your wisdom to see the obstacles and walk away from them. If I fail to get over them then please give me the strength to give them up. Thank you Lord.

8. In the year that went by I have had many temptations and difficulties. Even in those situations, you have always been a present help to me. May this year be a year of grace and peace and may you always be there with me on this journey through life.

9. As the years pass by one by one, this year I want to be like a fragrant candle which burns brightly to enlighten the lives of others. You have blessed me abundantly all these years and I hope to pass it across to others.

Good Morning Quotes for Boyfriend:

Sometimes I think about all the crazy funny things that you do and it makes me laugh. You are such a sweetheart and I think of you every single morning. Stay as cute as you are always darling.
~ Alma Weaver
Boyfriend in the morning Morning boyfriend quotes

That morning when I saw you walking through the door,
every moment that passed by I started loving you more.
No matter what happens, I will keep you in my heart,
our love is precious like a jewel, I'll never let it go apart.
~ Good morning sayings for boyfriend

Without a cup of coffee or tea my mornings are groggy and sleepy. Without you in my life there is no love and there is no fun or happiness. I need you every morning like a cup of good coffee.
~ Erma Terry

Every morning when I wake up I'm thankful to God for all the good things in my life. One of the important things on the list is the love that I receive from you every single day.
~ Delia Phelps

From the peace I get from chirping of morning birds
to crazy pranks and jokes that are funny and absurd.
I have loved you with a passion that knows no end,
which is why you are the love of my life, my boyfriend.
~ Jana Turner

There is a sweet little myna which sings a beautiful song every morning by my house. Today I told the myna to fly to you and let you know that you are the sweetest person I have ever met. Good morning sweetheart.
~ Jeannette Bradley

Sometimes all you need is a little hug from someone special when you wake up in the morning. Though you are not here today, I am sending you a loving hug and hope that you have a great day ahead.
~ Monique Robinson

The morning breeze always soothes me and the dew drops at dawn refresh me all day long. In the same way I hope these texts make your day better and fill love in your heart.
~ Wendy Stewart

Each day I get to know something new about you...some naughty things, some funny things and some really cute things. Today I am excited to see what new things are in store for us this morning. Good morning and see you soon. : )
~ Vera Hunter

As days pass by, I remind myself that though we have so much fun everyday its about the long run. I see myself spending all my life with you and I want to stay in love till the end of my life. Good morning baby and have a lovely day ahead.
~ Nellie Foster

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